Boichick was born after a weekend shopping trip to Provincetown produced nothing but an idea. I was shocked that the most accepting, gay friendly community in New England had everything except a place where gay women, specifically masculine of center women like myself, could shop.

This didn't sit well with me. I couldn't shake the notion and eventually decided that the idea's stickiness must be some kind of sign, especially because I was looking around for something to do with my life after a particularly harrowing period which ended when my wife passed away following a three year battle with ALS.  

Opening Boichick has become a bit of a metaphor for my life. I'm not particularly shy, and I don't shy away from hard things anymore. I was in the closet for a long time. I didn't come out until my forties! But once I hit that point where I could be nothing less than who I was, I jumped in with both feet. I embraced and felt the embrace of the queer community immediately. The community gave me STRENGTH. It is a community I love passionately. So I wanted to give back in some meaningful way. This giving back began with a stint in social work school, which unfortunately was interrupted by my wife's illness. And while I didn't go on to complete that degree, that education has profoundly informed my present course (thank you Simmons School of Social Work!)

I'm quite serious when I use the word intersectionality. It informs who I am as a person, as well as what kind of clothing I choose to carry. Because while Boichick began as an idea to clothe lesbians of all stripes, I welcome all identities into the store. The selection might not be perfect yet. This process has been harder than expected! Locating clothing styles I think might appeal to my community has not been easy. It starts with the major clothing shows in NY etc, being separated between male and female and with manufacturers and designers appealing very little to those in the community who find themselves somewhere in the middle, or way outside, of that binary. This is changing. But slowly. My mission is to locate and center queer designers, manufacturers, and creators. The other part of my mission is to wade through as many of the major brands as I can in order to find styles that will appeal to a broad spectrum of identities and shapes.

The evolution is on its way. I hope my customers will bear with me and engage with me in this process as it unfolds. Last of course, is to find cool shit. I think I have.